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Responding to the Australian water sector’s request for more cost-effective application of technologies, the now-defunct Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence, working alongside regulators, water utilities and the private sector, developed a way to achieve national consistency in the validation of treatment technologies as part of the Australian Government-funded NatVal program. 

This validation framework (WaterVal) is underpinned by Validation Protocols, which are independently developed and agreed methodologies to assess pathogen removal using water treatment technologies. The framework and protocols are applicable to a broad range of water sources and complement the objectives of the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The WaterVal protocols were transferred to Water Research Australia in 2018. WaterRA has not independently verified or updated the content of the WaterVal protocols. As with all content made available on our website, the WaterVal protocols are therefore provided for information purposes only and any use or reliance on the protocols is at your own risk. WaterRA does not make any representation or warranty as to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or fitness-for-purpose of the protocols. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude (and you release us from) all rights, remedies, guarantees, liability and damages in respect of the use of or reliance on any aspect of the WaterVal protocols.

Without limiting the above, the WaterVal protocols are made available subject to our Terms and Conditions of Use, of which you are agreeing to by downloading WaterVal documents. You will be required to sign up to our website and provide your contact details including email address, and once verified will be able to download WaterVal documents. Please contact WaterRA should you need any further assistance.


WaterVal - Overview

A national framework for validating water recycling technology | Overview (Published 2015)


Guideline UV Disinfection

WaterVal guidance document on Ultraviolet Disinfection | Published 2017


Protocol Chlorine Disinfection

WaterVal validation protocol on Chlorine Disinfection | Published 2017


Protocol Membrane Bioreactor

WaterVal validation protocol on Membrane Bioreactor | Published 2017


Protocol Ozone Disinfection

WaterVal validation protocol on Ozone Disinfection | Published 2017


Protocol Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration

WaterVal validation protocol on Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration | Published 2017

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